Come Home It’s Supper Time!

Come Home It’s Supper Time!

Come Home It's Supper Time

Mother’s Day is bitter-sweet for me. As I’m sure, it is for many others who do not have their mother here any longer.

You see, my momma is already in heaven.

The Bible tells us in the Ten Commandments, and more specifically, the fifth commandment; to honor our father and our “mother”.

Ephesians 6:1-3 says: Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” this is the first commandment with a promise, “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.”

Lately, I’ve seen many of our friends on Facebook changing their profile pictures and statuses honoring their mothers. I think that is so cool. So, I’m gonna attempt to honor mine here as well.

Mothers are in a very special class of their own. I would say that God created the heavens and the earth; then, He created mommas.

Mommas are unique and mine was for sure. There are a million things I could say about momma, but one thing comes to mind, and it always makes me smile.

I can remember when I was just a little kid, we were always playing outside. Usually until dark, and much later if I could get away with it.

Momma had her rules though. When the streetlights come on, I was supposed to come home. Well, I didn’t always play by the rules and rarely was I on time.

It’s funny too because she would stand on the back porch with the porch light on and yell: “Miiiichaelll come home it’s supper time!”

After all these years, I can still see and hear that so clearly today. Sadly, it’s only a faint memory in my mind. But, momma wasn’t the only one to call her children home.

One Friday back in 2006, Jesus stood on the back porch of heaven, and with the porch light on, called my momma home…because it was supper time.

The Banquet Table

Come Home It's Supper Time

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are going to a great supper in the sky one day.

  • I called on Jesus once upon a time, many many years ago, and He made a reservation for me to sit at that Great Banquet Table.
  • Do you know He will do the same thing for you too? If you ask.

I know before too much longer I’m gonna look out yonder, there will be Jesus and momma on the back porch of heaven, with the porch light on, saying: “Michael come home it’s supper time!!!”

Reservations are still being taken, so I hope you’ll be joining me and momma at Jesus’ table for supper too!!

Come Home It’s Supper Time!

Miss you momma!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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11 thoughts on “Come Home It’s Supper Time!”

  1. Hi, Mike! What a lovely tribute to mothers.

    I recently lost my mother and it was the biggest heartache I ever experienced and still do. We were not only mother and daughter, but best friends. However, I take comfort in knowing that she will be there waiting to greet my at supper time.

    1. Thank you Barb. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost mine in 2006 and I think about her everyday. I write something occasionally about my momma or at least include something about her or something she said.

  2. Very nice article. It touched me till the deepest corner of my heart. I agree with you that mothers are very special and unique. But sometimes we understand it when it is already too late. I guess it is a human nature.
    After reading your article I wanted to go to my mom and hug her and tell her how much I love her. And I will do it as hugs can’t be too much especially for our moms.

    1. Thanks for reading my post and also for the comment as well. I know we all have regrets concerning our parents, and especially our mother. I know I do.

      Sometimes it is too late. If not, cherish them while you have them because one day, it will be suppertime! 

      Blessings your way


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