The Blanket-When Your Whole World Is Falling Apart; Grab The Blanket!

the blanket


Here in the Midwest and Mid-south, we have storms of all types and in all seasons. Sadly this is tornado season here in Arkansas and Sunday, April 27th, 2014 proved to be another deadly one. The Blanket is what we need.

I recall radio and television stations that day were breaking in every few minutes, and then every few seconds with those dreaded words to take “cover” there is a tornado on the ground! In less than an hour it was gone, but not until it had left a forty-mile path of death, and destruction behind. Lives would be changed forever.

Emergency workers, neighbors, family members, and volunteers immediately jumped into action. People quickly looked through rubble for survivors. Medical attention was a top priority. Hurts were bandaged, fears were calmed and love was shown. Help is what they needed; help was all they needed.

I seen bottled water passed out, hugs given, people crying and praying together. But, the unique thing I see handed out that day was “the blanket!”

The Blanket Changed Everything:

It was a shield from the pouring rain. The blanket was the warmth from the cold. It was a cover to hide the hurts. And, it was something to cling to because of the fear. The blanket was the strength, it was courage, and most of all, it was assurance. Assurance that, no matter what, I’m alive and everything’s gonna be alright.

Well, we may never experience a tornado in our lifetime, and I hope we don’t, but one thing is for sure; we will have storms.

It’s funny how life parallels this tragedy in many ways. At any given time we are either heading into, in the midst of or coming out of a storm. The key to surviving the storms of life is “the blanket.” The blanket I’m referring to here is Jesus Christ.

Help Is What We Need:

Help is all we need. So, I’m gonna do all I can to remind you when your whole world is crumbling and falling apart; grab the blanket!

When the cares of life come raining down like a flood; grab the blanket!

When relationships are abandoned and people turn cold; grab the blanket!

When hurts and pain seem too much to bear; grab the blanket!

When loneliness and fear grips and paralyzes; grab the blanket!

Wrap yourself in the assurance of God’s Love!!

Psalm 46:1-5 God is our refuge and strength, a tested help in times of trouble. And so we need not fear even if the world blows up and the mountains crumble into the sea. Let the oceans roar and foam; let the mountains tremble! There is a river of joy flowing through the city of our God—the sacred home of the God above all gods. God himself is living in that city; therefore it stands unmoved despite the turmoil everywhere. He will not delay his help.

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6 thoughts on “The Blanket-When Your Whole World Is Falling Apart; Grab The Blanket!”

  1. Hi, Mike!

    Thanks so much for this wonderful article “The Blanket.”

    I’ve never referred to Jesus as a blanket before, but it makes perfect sense. It’s rather comforting in both the physical and spiritual sense.

    We all seek and need the comfort of a “blanket” and it’s so easy to get if you know what I mean.

    Aside from a blanket, what other symbols do you associate Jesus with?

    1. You’re welcome Barb. And, thanks for the wonderful comment too.

      Jesus has many different names and symbols that would be fitting I think, don’t you?

  2. I think that the meaning of this post gives comfort in hard times. I haven’t looked at a blanket this way before but I realise there is so much good in having a blanket in hard times.
    So much humanity and love, I liked to read this, blankets really can save life and bring hope:-)

    1. Thank you Linda . Yes blankets certainly are handy at times, but then too, I want to be wrapped in the blanket of God’s love also!!

  3. Susan Alexander

    Mike, I need to be wrapped in God’s blanket as I go through a trying time. Thank you for this.

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